Discovery Time is a ninety minute, action packed, activity based programme. Held once a week, it provides opportunities for teachers to meet the diverse needs of students through well planned, structured, ‘hands on’ experiences. Students get a chance to take control of their own learning. They are motivated and fully engaged. Best of all, it is fun!

The Discovery Time book and CD are now available on our Pagebreak website 

Teachers are saying...

“It puts balance back into the curriculum.” “It puts students in charge of their own learning.”

“It’s a chance to stand back and really observe your students.”


Students are saying...

“It’s the best part of the whole week.” “You learn to challenge yourself.”

“You get to do stuff that you have never done before - you think you can’t do it, but you can.”


Bring fun to learning every week with Discovery Time

This primary school resource provides a creative, activity-based learning environment for your students.

Discovery Time develops key competencies through activity-based, child-directed learning.


The possibilities are endless...